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Terms of Use

Your Responsibility

Computers and networks can provide access to resources on and off campus, as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. Such open access is a privilege, and requires that individuals act responsibly.

Acceptance of Terms

UCLA grants permission to members of the University community to use computing resources by issuing individual computing accounts including UCLA Logon IDs. In order to create a UCLA Logon, you must first agree to the terms below. You may not create an account if you do not accept the terms. Continuing with the account creation process constitutes agreement.

As a condition of receiving an account, you must observe the following guidelines:

You may not agree to the terms and may not proceed with account creation if (a) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract, or (b) you are barred from accepting the terms under the laws of the United States or the country from which you are creating this account.

For both your personal benefit and the benefit of others, you must assume responsibility for making the best possible use of your privileges and for not abusing them. All existing laws (federal and state) and University regulations and policies apply, including not only those laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct.

Consequences of Misuse

Misuse of computing, networking or information resources may result in the loss of computing privileges. Additionally, misuse of a computing account will require financial restitution to the University for funds expended and could result in University disciplinary action or civil or criminal action.

Users may be held accountable for their conduct under any applicable University or campus policies, procedures or collective bargaining agreements. Any actions which deter other users from doing their work or which would otherwise be deemed malicious by the University will result in the loss of access to the system and possible University disciplinary action or civil or criminal action. Unauthorized use of computing resources and use for personal gain constitute theft under California law and will be prosecuted by the University.

Complaints alleging misuse of resources will be directed to those responsible for taking appropriate disciplinary action.

Additional Information